Fun Slides Park is the coolest place around to have your next youth group event.

Our family owned and operated facility is JESUS friendly and we want to help you reach more kids with the saving message of Christ. We absolutely know that kids love Fun Sliding and when kids who love Jesus invite their non-believing friends to come along…they will come with them here! We are excited about the possibilities and we hope this is the evangelism tool you’ve been looking for.

When you want to schedule an event at our park, we encourage you to do a few things:

  • Stop by during a public skate session and check us out so you can get a feel for the excitement. We’ll give you a pair of Fun Slides so you can demo them as you tell your kids that you are planning an event here.
  • Call or email us to schedule your event. We will send you a registration form to complete and return to us with your deposit.
  • Once your youth know about coming here they will WANT to invite their friends. Ask your kids to begin praying about who they will invite… and have them start inviting!
  • We will give you your own personalized Online Waiver Link.  ALL GUESTS (adults/children) must have a completed waiver on file prior to arrival.  Send the waiver link out to all guests attending- this will making checking in a breeze!  Guests under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.   CLICK HERE TO SIGN YOUR ONLINE WAIVER
  • Next, plan a short message or time of testimony sharing for your event… As part of our mission we want to help you share The Good News! We will plan with you a time to stop the skate session and give you time to speak. Hopefully, you will have many new faces to share Jesus with.
  • Give us guest count estimate one week before your date. You will pay the balance the day of your event.