Looking for fun activities to do with your kids?

You will be the coolest parent when you come with your kids to Fun Slides Park! Sure you could just sign their waiver and drop them off but maybe you’d like to stay. Whether you plan to sit in our ‘free WiFi’ viewing lounge and watch or you’re courageous enough to skate too, you will be cool…because you came as a family.

Carpet Skating is safer than most skating sports. It takes just minutes to learn and because it is so easy to be taught, it is a terrific confidence builder. We have witnessed over and over the most awkward of kids feel like an accomplished skater in minutes! And it burns lots of calories! You might appreciate the exercise value but your kids just love to slide and grind…in a safer, softer alternative to ice or concrete.

Yes carpet skating can get extreme but you can also simply walk while wearing Fun Slides…you only slide if you want to. The ‘gripper grooves’ on the bottom provide traction so you can actually run wearing them. Don’t worry, we’re happy to give lessons…each new skater is assigned a skate instructor to work with them until they feel comfortable to skate on their own.
Feel free to stop by or call us with any questions.

Please note: We do not have activities for guests under 4 years old.


Everyone who skates at Fun Slides Park, must have a signed waiver . No exceptions! We do require a updated waiver each time you come.
  • Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver.
  • 18 and over may sign their own waivers given that they produce proper ID.
Fun Slides Park requires that helmets be worn by children 8 and under*
Athletic shoes must be worn in the park at all times! (Fun Slides attach under athletic shoes.) No FLIP FLOPS!

Elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards are recommended in all areas especially for novice skaters. Gloves, long pants and long sleeve shirts may prevent carpet burns (However, you may feel a tad warm during the summer months). 🙂
All safety gear is available at the park on a first come first served basis. *However, we recommend bringing your own helmet and gear for best fit (bicycle helmets are ok).