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Engage Students in STEM Before Summer Starts

Teachers are always one step ahead. While their students celebrate spring break, educators are already thinking about final reviews. Believe it or not, summer break is almost here. How will you keep kids excited about STEM over the summer?
Engaging Kids in STEM
STEM industries are growing almost twice as fast as any other industry. Yet more and […]

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Have Fun, Get Paid!

Do you love the thrill of skate parks? Are you a people-oriented person who loves to teach new tricks? Do you need a part-time job? Strap on your carpet skates and get to work! Fun Slides is hiring.
Get a Job at Fun Slides!

Who we are: Fun Slides is a carpet skating facility in Pittsburgh. We’re […]

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What Real Parents Are Saying about Fun Slides

Fun Slides is all about providing the ultimate experience for kids and parents. That means more than just having the most innovative family entertainment in Pittsburgh or the most fun Xtra Activities. It means providing the highest quality of customer service, so you have the best possible experience. We train our staff to be attentive, […]

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Full Hearts February at Fun Slides

Stuck indoors for the winter? That doesn’t mean you can’t play! Fun Slides helps kids stay active in wild and crazy ways. And we have extra fun headed your way for February. Engage with your family, your community, and your world with Full Hearts February at Fun Slides Skatepark.
American Heart Month
Did you know that February […]

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Get Social with Fun Slides!

Do you want to get in on the carpet skating action? There’s no better way to spend a day, whether you’re connecting with your kids, planning a youth group event, or just unleashing your inner child. Stay up-to-date on the happenings at Fun Slides skatepark by connecting with us on social media! 
Get Social with Fun […]

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New Year’s Family Fitness? No Problem!

Why do only 8% of people accomplish their New Year’s resolutions each year? It’s not fun! It’s easy to coast on the excitement of January 1st for a week or two, but by the time February rolls around, 80% of new gym members have stopped attending. But there’s hope! Achieve your family’s goal to get […]

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The 411 on Fun Slides Gift Cards

Who says you can’t give gifts just because Christmas is over? As we wrap up the 12 Days of Christmas on January 5th, we’re reminded that, although we celebrate generosity and love during the Christmas season, gift giving is something that never goes out of style. Just to prove it, we’re sharing 3 reasons to […]

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Fun Facts about Fun Slides!

At Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark, we know a lot about having fun. After all, it’s our job! We work diligently to make sure every time you come to Fun Slides is your new “favorite day ever.” Take your carpet skating experience to the next level with these fun facts and tips from the team!
Fun Facts […]

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4 Things To Know Before You Go

If you are the type of person that likes to plan out your day in advance, then boy, do we have a treat for you! Fun Slides Park, located in Pittsburgh, PA has over 33,000 square feet of blacklight fun. That’s a lot of fun to be had so we have compiled a list of […]

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Slide through the Holidays

Attention North Hills, Pittsburgh, Ross Township Parents — Are you looking for something fun for the kids to do while school is closed over Thanksgiving and Christmas break? Then join us at Fun Slides Skatepark and Party Center!

At Fun Slides, we like to remind parents, family, and friends that when school is out, we’re open!

In […]

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